Proof of Stake – How does it work and what are the advantages?

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Recently more and more alt coins have decided to integrate a proof of stake system over the traditional proof of work system used by Bitcoin and Litecoin. But why, one may ask? Frankly, the proof of work system is not perfect. A cryptocurrency without proof of stake doesn't just lack an incentive for users to continue holding on to their coins, but is also susceptible to a 51 percent attack if one party controls a majority of the total mining output. To solve help these problems, some cryptocurrencies, such as NXT, have implemented a 100 percent proof of stake system. Other currencies, such as Dogecoin, have implemented elements of proof of stake to take advantage of its benefits. What is Proof of Stake? Like a proof of work system, proof of stake allows miners to verify block chain transactions…
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An Introduction to PGP

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-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 The Internet is not an inherently secure medium for sensitive communication. When Alice sends a message to Bob through the Internet, that message passes through the hands of various Internet service providers before arriving at its final destination. Depending on the messaging platform used, it may also pass through the hands of Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, or other operators. We can always assume that someone is watching. Each individual with access to the message on its path between Alice and Bob has the opportunity to read or even modify it. This could be very problematic if the message contained private information such as passwords that could be read or financial information such as a Bitcoin address that could be modified. Cryptography solves this problem.…
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