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Updating a pre-existing Microsoft SQL table to have an identity column without losing data

You’ve created a Microsoft SQL Server table, added some data and then realised that integer column you created would be much better off as an identity column. You go to alter the table but SQL Server won’t allow you to change your integer column into an identity one without re-creating the table and losing the data… How to proceed?

The following is my regular workaround to the problem.


InfoPath Forms stop working after applying cumulative update: ‘Requested registry access is not allowed’

After recently applying the July 2015 SharePoint 2013 Cumulative update we discovered that Infopath forms or pages referring them had stopped loading throwing a generic “something went wrong” error to the screen with a correlation id. After taking a look into the logs we found the following against the Infopath form services requests:

Requested registry access is not allowed

This appears to be a known issue within previous SharePoint cumulative updates (previously documented in the March cumulative update). There’s good writeups about this issue on Todd Klint’s always useful blog and on the accepted answer to this MSDN question. The problem appears to be the same in the July 2015 update – SharePoint updates the registry removing permissions for service accounts causing problems with Infopath and other areas (in our particular case BDS stopped working as well).

To resolve the issue you need to re-grant permissions for the user WSS_WPG to the registry group HKLM/Software/Office Server/15.0. After doing this power cycle the server and everything will function as expected again.